Jo and Judy’s Insurance Tips

Jo says:

Whenever you leave your home even for a short time, be safe and:
  • Secure your home and fully arm your security system.
  • Stop mail and newspaper deliveries while you are gone.
  • Have a relative or friend periodically come by and visually check for any problems.
  • Notify your local police force or security team of your planned absence.
Otherwise general tips include:
  • Keep pool enclosure doors locked at all times.
  • Keep Landscaping trimmed away from the house.
  • Trim tree branches away from over the house – especially important here in the middle of hurricane season.
  • Do not let your dog run freely – keep them on a leash. Dog bites are a frequent cause of insurance claims.

Remember to contact us with any changes to your phone number(s) and/or e-mail address. Current numbers and e-mail addresses are critical to us getting to you with any important information about coverages or new programs. 772-287-2440,

If you feel you may have a claim, first notify your agent and if the agent is not available, call your company whose number can be found on the policy declaration page.

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